About us

survol de la provence

A family business

Alpes Provence Destination is a family company created by lovers of Southeast France and its contrasted lands. More than 2 decades in the Southern Alps and in Provence have only reinforced our enchantment of the first days.

In tourism since 2009

This made us want to make known the wonders of this region, and to share the happiness of living there! So we started welcoming holidaymakers from all over the world in our first cottage in 2009.

Since then, we have been offering holiday rentals to tourists from France and abroad, on behalf of the owners of the group.

We are the local interlocutor of the vacationers in search of accommodation, and the vector of marketing of the owners and the rentals that they wish to open to tourism.

A real estate agency in Banon

We are structured as a real estate agency, in accordance with the HOGUET law of January 2, 1970, with a regulated bank account, professional liability insurance, a guarantee organization and a financial guarantee (see Legal Notice)

In addition to tourist rentals we do Real Estate Management in Banon

Since Banon’s unique real estate agency has closed, more and more homeowners who no longer find a real estate manager in Banon for their apartments and homes look to us for real estate management.

So that your days are also sunny.